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Spring 2016


Among doctoral programs, attrition rates and student feelings of isolation are high. In an attempt to determine the current levels and sources of support and encouragement from students enrolled in a Doctor of Education program, a survey was sent to students. There were 94 respondents to the online survey. Fifty-two (65%) of the respondents were female, and 28 (35%) were male. Fourteen respondents did not self-identify. Using an independent samples t-test, it was determined that female and male doctoral students report very similar experiences in support and encouragement. The majority of doctoral students reported the highest level of support (Total Support) for almost all of the areas of survey. When asked to rank a list of sources of support and encouragement, over 71% ranked Spouse, Partner, or Significant Other as being most important. Other sources that were ranked as important were Immediate Supervisor, Children, and Workplace Peers. Most financial support for doctoral students came from a combination of Self (72%), Employer (66%), and Financial Aid/Scholarships (59%).

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