A Content Analysis of Newspaper Reports on School Violence in Trinidad and Tobago

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Although violence in schools has received increasing attention in the media in Trinidad and Tobago over the past decade, the limited existing data on school violence is concerning. The present investigation utilizes newspaper articles from the three main newspaper outlets as textual data to explore the framing of school violence in Trinidad and Tobago. Research shows the manner in which the media report on school violence influences public perceptions, gives rise to particular attitudes and can influence decisions by policymakers (Jacobs, 2014). This investigation aims to assess for school violence using the question: How is school violence portrayed in print media in Trinidad and Tobago. Specifically, we will examine: 1) the characteristics of these reports on school violence in print media and 2) the similarities and differences between print news sources related to school violence. The exploration of these research questions will provide a framework for exploring how findings on school violence may impact public perception and subsequent prevention of school violence in Trinidad and Tobago.


Atlanta, GA

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