Adventure Driven Non-Fiction Spawns Reading and Scientific Learning

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Modern day children's and young adult non-fiction is replete with books which highlight scientific efforts (treks, safaris, journeys, expeditions) to confront environmental challenges , such texts prevalent in Siebert and Orbis Pictus listings. This presentation will build school librarian awareness of such adventurous selections, provide text-based activities conducive to collaborative efforts with science teachers (multiple grade levels will be addressed), and introduce reading promotion plans and activities based in these award-winning works of literature. First, as an icebreaker, attendees will be asked to imagine a world without...(one planted attendee will stand up with a picture of a species depicted in the books highlighted in the session. This will occur each time a new book is introduced as "breathers" and "attention-grabbers."). The program will open with awareness-based talks (book trailers, audio clips, and author interviews will also be shared) relaying the poignant documented rescue and preservation efforts found in such books, (for example, Parrots Over Puerto Rico). School librarians will discover the engaging nature of these selections based in science, yet perfect for pleasure reading. Next, participants will be provided real-world Common Core (ELA Standards) unit and lesson plan ideas which also contemplate science based standards (i.e. interpret information in charts, graphs, and diagrams). Essentially, participants will come away with the means of developing librarian/science teacher collaborative partnerships. Additionally, a reading promotion plan for each book featured will also be introduced. Participants will be encouraged to elaborate upon and/or provide comments in association with 1) associated texts; 2) collaborative lesson planning with science instructors; and/or 3) reading promotion based in STEM non-fiction materials.


Orlando, FL

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