Teaching Civics in the School Library

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This session will encourage school librarians to consider the precepts of the book "Teaching Civics in the Library." Specifically, participants will be encouraged and shown how to utilize high-interest trade books and carefully evaluated websites to immediately integrate school librarianship and civics education. Participants will be introduced to carefully constructed questions eliciting civic discussion, as well as detailed civic action/service project suggestions, for all grade levels, along with civic-oriented reading promotion plans, collection development best practices, grant writing options, and extended units of learning.

First, a brief discussion will ensue as to the role of a school librarian in creating civic-minded students pursuant to AASL Learning Standard 3. Next, participants will be introduced to methods and best practices associated with this role, as listed above, actually participating in a Socratic discussion based in award-winning children's literature (for purposes of modeling). Then, a smattering of projects, promotion plans, helpful organizations, and grant opportunities will be highlighted, along with an inquiry as to successful programming across the country. A Q and A session will provide additional information in association with the ideas which most highly piqued audience interest.


Orlando, FL

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