Protocols of DPOAE Measurements Aimed at Reducing Test Time

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Routine clinical distortion product otoacoustic emission (DPOAE) tests use monaural sequential presentation of primary tones. To reduce testing time, multiple DPOAEs (mDPOAEs) can be measured by stimulating the ear with two tone pairs simultaneously. Moreover, both ears can be tested at the same time with a portable device, Sentiero (PATH medical GmbH), equipped with two sound probes. The purpose of the study was to evaluate whether mDPOAE measurements can be done in both ears simultaneously without mutual influence of primary tone pairs in the ipsilateral and the contralateral ear. Data were collected in 20 normal-hearing young adults. The DP-grams were obtained for seven f2- frequencies varying in the 1.5-8-kHz range with the level L2 set at 65 and 45 dB SPL, whereas the level L1 was adjusted according to the scissor paradigm. For each subject, a set of DP-gram data was collected using single- and multi-frequency presentations of the primaries for both monaural and binaural conditions. The mean DPOAE and noise levels collected with mDPOAE and binaural presentation conditions were highly reproducible when compared to those obtained with the single-frequency monaural paradigm. Thus, multi-frequency and binaural measurements could be applied to reduce DPOAE testing time considerably.

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