Two Partnership Stories in Northeast Tennessee- 2015 HCS-ETSU MSP and Outcomes of Eastman Scholars MathElites

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This presentation tells the story of two partnerships co-initiated by the ETSU Center of Excellence in Mathematics and Science Education. The first partnership, Eastman Scholar MathElites, demonstrates how a 7+ year partnership between business and an institute of higher education (Eastman-ETSU) has brought a regional impact in Grades 3-8 math. The second partnership, G6-12 Science and Literacy project, introduces how a local education agency and institute of higher education (Hawkins County Schools-ETSU) have worked together to provide teacher professional development (PD) that focuses on Grades 6-12 English Language Arts and Science. This PD seeks to build confidence and understanding about using reading as a tool to understand STEM literacies. These two programs do not only benefit K-12 education in the Northeast Tennessee region, but also bring practical implications for future development in state-wide and national issues.


Johnson City, TN

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