ELA Instruction for Students with Significant Disabilities: Fictional Novels Taught Through an iPad App

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This presentation will inform participants on three studies targeting teaching Middle School ELA skills via an App to students with significant disabilities. Based on results of 3 single case studies, participants will learn about supports to make accessing the general curriculum motivating and easy to use while promoting best practices. Learner Outcomes: • This presentation will provide an interactive session on the use of the iPad app for use in grade aligned ELA instruction for students with significant disabilities from diverse backgrounds; • Participants will learn about the results will learn about the results of 3 single case studies conducted on the app (1 using nonfiction text and 2 using fictional text depicting characters from diverse backgrounds) with students with significant intellectual disabilities/autism; and • Participants will gain information about the scripted lesson that promotes best practices in teaching ELA.


Clearwater, FL

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