Successful Pregnancy in an Adolescent Woman With a Communicating Double Uterine Anomaly

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Background: Women with communicating double uterine anomalies are at increased risk for obstetric complications, including early pregnancy loss, preterm delivery, and breech presentation. We present the pregnancy of a woman with a previously diagnosed communicating double uterine anomaly. Case: An 18-yr-old white female with a previous diagnosis at age 11 of a communicating double uterus, double cervix, and obstructed left hemivagina was followed during the course of her pregnancy. She experienced no complications until 36 6/7 weeks, when she was found to have signs and symptoms of mild preeclampsia. The fetus was in a breech presentation and a cesarean section was performed. Two hemiuteri were identified intraoperatively. The communication was not visualized. A viable male infant was delivered without complications. Conclusion: This patient represents only the sixth report of successful pregnancy in a woman with a Toaff type 5A communicating uterine anomaly.