Lessons Learned While Developing a Cancer Family History Campaign in the Columbus, Ohio Metropolitan Area

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This paper discusses the lessons learned by our collaborative, transdisciplinary team while developing a pilot/demonstration educational health campaign geared toward underserved communities in the Columbus, Ohio metropolitan area. The objective of the current study was to determine the feasibility of a campaign to raise awareness of the association between family history and cancer risk and to inform individuals of the availability of Jameslink, an online familial cancer risk assessment tool. The research team included members of The Ohio State University Primary Care Research Institute, which includes a unique combination of expertise in Genetics, Behavioral Science, Social and Health Psychology, Communication, Medicine, and Methodology. The experience of the team in developing university and community partnerships, identifying stakeholders and formulating campaign messages is described. Groups who aided in this process as well as the perspectives they brought to the project are discussed. The lessons learned may be helpful to those developing similar community health projects.