Phylogeography of the Greenside Darter Complex, Etheostoma Blennioides (Teleostomi: Percidae): A Wide-Ranging Polytypic Taxon

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The greenside darter, Etheostoma blennioides (Teleostomi: Percidae), is a wide-ranging polytypic taxon that occurs throughout eastern North America. A previous morphological study recognized four subspecies (blennioides, newmanii, gutselli, and pholidotum), several morphological races, and three zones of morphological intergradation. We generated complete cytochrome b (1140 bp) sequence data for 51 individuals from across the range of the greenside darter inclusive of all of the currently recognized taxa to assess genetic variation and taxonomic boundaries. Both maximum parsimony and mixed model Bayesian analyses resulted in two strongly supported deeply divergent clades including (1) a Tennessee River drainage clade, and (2) an Ohio River and Great Lakes basins, Interior Highlands, and Atlantic slope clade. Etheostoma blennius, a closely related congener, nested within the Tennessee River clade of E. blennioides, rendering the complex paraphyletic. Test of alternative topologies failed to support the current taxonomic designations. The inclusion of nuclear sequence data from intron 1 of the S7 ribosomal protein (523 bp) from a subset of the populations was included to independently test whether the currently recognized taxa conform to distinct evolutionary lineages and also to clarify potential issues associated with ancestral hybridization. Although the nuclear data was less variable than the mitochondrial data, the monophyly of several of the subspecies could not be rejected.