Workshop - Integrating Professional Issues Into the Technical Curriculum: Teaching Students About the Challenge of Professionalism and Ethics in an Increasingly Automated World Living With Sophisticated Machines

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In support of ACM's and the IEEE's commitment to professionalism, the ACM Committee on Professional Ethics, a technical co-sponsor of this conference, is presenting a workshop designed to help faculty provide students with tools to better understand and to better resolve their ethical challenges as professionals. This workshop will have a special focus on issues raised by robots, Google Glass, and other increasingly sophisticated devices. The workshop will use both lecture and small group activities to introduce and enhance participants' teaching skills in computer and engineering ethics. Leaders will present materials to be used in a complete professional ethics course, and that can also be integrated as examples and exercises into specific technical courses. The materials will include case studies, suggested course syllabi, and suggestions for creating and grading assignments. The workshop will feature demonstrations of several advanced devices, and how they can be used to teach about ethics, and to attract attention to ethical issues.