A Community-Based Oral Health Self-Care Intervention for Hispanic Families

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Objectives: A community-based intervention is described that targets oral health self-care practices among Hispanic children in the United States and is being tested in an ongoing trial. Descriptive results of baseline oral health variables are presented. Methods: As of January 2013, 284 Hispanic children of ages 5-7 enrolled in the Healthy Families Study in Nashville, TN, USA. Families are randomized to one of two culturally appropriate interventions. Results: At baseline, 69.6 % of children brushed at least twice daily, and 40.6 % brushed before bed daily. One-third of parents did not know if their children's toothpaste contained fluoride. Conclusions: This intervention fills the need for community-based interventions to improve oral health self-care practices that are culturally appropriate in Hispanic families.