Calculations of the Energetics of Oxidation of Aqueous Nucleosides and the Effects of Prototropic Equilibria

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Recently the calculated standard reduction potentials of the radical-cations of N-methyl substituted DNA bases have been reported that agree fairly well with the experimental results. However, there are issues reflecting the fact that the experimental results usually relate to the couple Eo(Nuc•,H+/NucH+), whereas the calculated results are for the Eo(Nuc•+/Nuc) couple. To calculate the midpoint reduction potential at pH 7 (Em7), it is important to have accurate acid dissociation constants (pKs) for both ground-state bases and their radicals, and the effects of uncertainty in some of these values (e.g., that of the adenosine radical) must be considered. Calculations of the pKs of the radicals of the nucleic acid bases (as nucleosides) have been performed to explore the effects the various pKs have on calculating the values of Em7 and to see what improvements can be made with the accuracy of the calculations.