Interprofessional and Interpersonal Communication: Self-Efficacy Beliefs of Academic Health Science Center Students

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Objectives: To assess and compare interprofessional and interpersonal communication self-efficacy beliefs of medical, nursing and pharmacy students before and after participation in a communication skills course. Method: Using self-efficacy as a theoretical framework, a 37-item survey instrument was developed based on Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) Core Competencies and course learning objectives. Medical, nursing, and pharmacy students voluntarily completed the survey instrument before and after the required course. Nonparametric tests were employed to examine matched pre- and post-assessments within colleges and to explore differences in self-efficacy beliefs across college. Results: A response rate of 87% (168/193) was achieved. Overall, nursing students entered the course with higher self-efficacy beliefs as compared to medical and pharmacy students. Pharmacy students indicated particularly low self-efficacy beliefs regarding their ability to communicate with other health professionals (p=0.009) and contribute to healthcare teams (p=0.002). Matched pre/post analyses indicated statically significant increases in student self-efficacy beliefs across all colleges. After the course, pharmacy students continued to perceive a relative lack of confidence in their ability to develop positive relationships with other health care providers as compared to medical and nursing students (p=0.02). Implications: Our findings suggest that completion of an interprofessional communications course was associated with a positive effect on self-efficacy beliefs aligned with IPEC competencies across all colleges. Pharmacy students, in particular, noted significant improvements in self-efficacy beliefs across multiple domains. Research is being conducted to examine relationships between validated observational assessments and student self-perceptions.


Chicago, IL

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