Engaging PharmD Students through a Concentration in Pharmacy Research Program

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The startup of the Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy has allowed the introduction of novel means of engaging students in a variety of programs. The Concentration in Pharmacy Research (CPRx) is designed to give students focused experience in conducting research in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy Practice. Initiated by faculty desire to engage PharmD students productively in the lab to augment our degree program, the CPRx arose because of student desire for recognition of their research efforts. The CPRx was formalized by developing a proposal that contained input from students, faculty and staff, passed through both departments and then the Faculty Council. Successful fulfillment of the CPRx requires students to complete a total of 12 credits in designated research elective courses, offered in both departments. A capstone APPE is also required where each student drafts a publication of his or her work and submits the paper for publication. The demand for research elective participation has been large. Currently, a total of 61 2nd and 3rd year PharmD students are enrolled in research courses. Of these, 15 are formally enrolled in the CPRx. To date, 73 abstracts and presentations and 25 peer-reviewed papers have been authored by Gatton students. The overall success of this program shows the powerful enthusiasm that arises from faculty and student engagement in active and productive research. The CPRx provides a unique means for Gatton students, especially those seeking residencies, to individualize their PharmD degree and enable greater success and diversity of career choices.


National Harbor, MD

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