Integration of the K-12 LGBTQI Student Population in School Counselor Education Curricula: The Current State of Affairs

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A national survey of 123 school counselor educators investigated how participants integrated K–12 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex (LGBTQI) students’ needs and concerns into school counseling curricula. Results indicated 91.9% of participants integrated the K–12 LGBTQI students’ needs and concerns for a median pedagogical duration of one, 3-hour session within a single course, focusing on students’ knowledge and awareness of gender and sexual/affectual orientation. Follow-up interviews were conducted with participants identified as committed to integrating LGBTQI issues into the curriculum, and these interviews produced themes that expanded survey findings in several areas, including significant educational experience, recognition of iterative effect, experiential, personal engagement, ethics, and influence of training and resources. Implications for school counselor education and professional development are discussed.