A Scheduling Scheme for Efficient Wireless Charging of Sensor Nodes in WBAN

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This paper presents a scheduling algorithm for point to point wireless power transfer system (WPTS) to sensor nodes of wireless body area networks (WBAN). Since the sensors of wireless body area networks are continuously monitoring and sending data to remote central unit, power crisis for these sensor nodes degrades the data transfer of patient monitoring system. Although energy harvesting from ambient sources using electromagnetic induction enhances the longevity of sensor performance, continuous operation in the primary side decreases the overall efficiency. With such paradigm in sight, a framework is proposed for increasing the primary battery longevity and reducing the transmission loss, inductive power is transmitted from primary to secondary unit using medium access control (MAC) protocols for underlying the centralized scheduling opportunity in a collision free scheme for channel access of rare yet critical emergency situation. In a preliminary study, the proposed scheduling for charging sensor nodes in a wireless body area network (WBAN) is evaluated in a case consideration.