SAFARI-Taxi: Secure, Autonomic, FAult-Resilient, and Intelligent Taxi Hailing System

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The Secure, Autonomic, FAult-Resiliant and Intelligent Taxi Hailing System (SAFARI-Taxi), currently undergoing prototyping, will broker rides between taxi drivers and spontaneous taxi users, or hailers. SAFARI-Taxi will leverage anticipated growth in connected vehicle infrastructure (V2X) as enabled by dedicated short range communications (DSRC) technology to replace line-of-sight street hailing with automated dispatch, via public kiosks and smart phone apps Hailing will be managed with a novel protocol, based on Hailing Request, Service Offer, Hailer Response, and Ride Cancellation messages. Threats to its operation will be mitigated using distributed dispatch; provisions for assuring correctness, timeliness, and appropriate content; and account lockouts, "hailing deposits", and ticketing. Preliminary results indicate that the system will reduce the time to match hailers with taxis. The project's goals align with the U.S. Dept. of Transportation's vision for dynamic mobility applications, including Integrated Dynamic Transit Operation, which specifically targets integration of taxis with public transportation through a citywide connected infrastructure.