Attentional Manipulations Can Enhance P300-Based BCI Performance

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Severe motor disabilities such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) reduce or eliminate neuromuscular control and deprive affected patients of vital communication and control. Recent advances in noninvasive EEG-based BCIs have given patients new hope for communication and environmental control not provided by other assistive devices[1]. General lapses of attention, mind wandering, and lack of focus may all undermine BCI performance[2]. In a P300-BCI, non-target flashes are exogenous cues that could attract attention away from the endogenous task of attending to target item flashes. Thus, inducing a heightened state of attentional awareness and reducing distractibility may improve BCI performance. Mindfulness meditation and induction (MMI) offers such a possibility[3,4]. We expect MMI to have several important consequences for P300-based BCI use: one, it will focus attention to the target item; two, it will reduce distraction from non-target flashes; three, it will reduce P300 target latencies; four it will produce higher amplitude ERPs


Asilomar, CA

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