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Henry Antkiewicz

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Brian Maxson, John Rankin


During World War II, Japanese across North America were forced into internment camps out of suspicion and wartime hysteria. The historiography has chosen to focus specifically on Japanese Americans and their experiences. Academic and popular history is overwhelmingly focused on Japanese Americans, with minimal discussion ever given to Japanese Canadians or Mexicans who were interned. Tens of thousands of Japanese Canadians were interned during this tumultuous time. By ignoring their testimonies and hardships, history has forgotten these oppressed people. This thesis seeks to examine the current historiography of Japanese Canadians and compare it to that of Japanese Americans while also exploring the importance of including Japanese Canadians in the historiography. By tying together family history and academic research, this work seeks to bring greater attention to this subject so that the plights of these innocent people are no longer forgotten.

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