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MA (Master of Arts)


Criminal Justice

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Dustin Osborne

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Jennifer Pealer, Larry Miller


Research examining college choice has traditionally focused on factors relating to demographics of the student and the college/university. Less attention has been directed towards how safety and security of the campus and the surrounding community play a role in college choice. In addition, some studies have examined students’ fear of crime, perception of safety and security, and perception of public safety; however, there is still much to be learned. The current study sought to further the research by (1) assessing how campus safety and security impacts enrollment decisions, (2) assessing how students perceive fear of crime and their personal safety, and (3) determining how students view campus public safety officers and the various programs/policies designed to improve their safety. Survey data was gathered from a sample of students attending East Tennessee State University. Results suggested that several factors played a role in the outcomes of interest. Findings served to better our understanding of the topic and promote future research in the field.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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