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MA (Master of Arts)


Criminal Justice

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Chris Rush

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Nicole Prior, Bradley D. Edwards


As gender stereotypes could lead to adherence to rape myths later in life, it is important to study the potential development of gender role stereotypes. Based on the theoretical approach of Bandura’s social learning, this mixed methods study sought to expand the literature on children observing gender stereotypes through film viewing. A content analysis of verbal and body language of the highest grossing animated films between 2017-2019 was conducted. The results indicated that most main characters displayed both traditional and non-traditional gender role stereotypes, which is indicative of gender role flexibility. This shows promise that there could be a moderating affect with gender role flexibility, but further research is needed. However, the results found that there was no significant difference between the amount of gender role stereotypes across all the films. It was concluded that there is still a concern for children to be indoctrinated with traditional gender role stereotypes.

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Thesis - embargo


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