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MS (Master of Science)


Allied Health

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Randy Byington

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Esther Verhovsek, Susan Epps


It is important to have well-trained and qualified laboratory professionals. Seventy percent of patient care is based on decisions made from laboratory results, yet there is a growing shortage of medical technologists. Although some baby boomers are delaying retirement, worsening of the shortage crisis is inevitable. Retention of medical technologists has become more important than recruitment. The purpose of this study was to identify and evaluate innovative retention strategies used by clinical laboratory managers throughout the United States.

A significant finding of this study was the lack of qualified medical technologists entering the ranks of laboratory managers. This study identified a need for a more defined career path and more recognition of the importance of laboratory scientists. It is recommended that studies be undertaken to examine the opinions of hospital and medical group practice administrators as well as the view of medical technologists regarding retention strategies that are proven to be effective.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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