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MS (Master of Science)



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Cassandra T. Eagle

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Ismail Kady, Ningfeng Zhao


Five novel compounds were synthesized and characterized. Crystal structures were determined using Rigaku Mercury 375/MCCD(XtaLAB mini) diffractometer with graphite monochromated MoKα radiation. The crystal structures of [Rh2(NPhCOCH3)4•xNCC6H4R where x = 1 or 2 and R=H, 2-CH3,3-CH3 and 4-CH3 were solved to an R1 value of less than 5 (R1= Σ||Fo| - |Fc|| / Σ |Fo|). In each of the nitrile complexes, the rhodium is five or six coordinate and possesses pseudo D4h symmetry. The complexes were also characterized by NMR and IR spectroscopy. [Rh2(CO2CCH3)(PhCOCF3)3] was also synthesized. In this complex, each rhodium atom is six coordinate, thus each rhodium is in an octahedral environment. Details of each synthesized complex are discussed.

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Thesis - Open Access


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