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MA (Master of Arts)


Communication, Professional

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Patricia A. Cutspec

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C. Wesley Buerkle II, Karin Bartoszuk


Apprehension negatively impacts student learning. As online and hybrid communication courses continue to be offered it is important to expand and update research regarding the following constructs: communication apprehension, receiver apprehension, writing apprehension, and computer apprehension. This study examines correlations between and among these constructs, differences by gender and course format, and changes between pre- and posttest results. Students enrolled in traditional and online sections of a basic communication course completed pre- and posttests consisting of a demographic survey, the Personal Report of Communication Apprehension, the Receiver Apprehension Test, the Writing Apprehension Test, and the Computer and Web Attitude Scale. Results suggest positive and negative correlations between and among various constructs, differences in apprehension levels based on gender and format, and various changes between pre- and posttests. Research on expression-based apprehension is important to improve pedagogical practices and encourage the development of communication skills regardless of course format.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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