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MA (Master of Arts)



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Joseph D. Sobol

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Delanna Kay Reed, Jamie B. Kridler


This research uses an adaptation of Dorothy L. Sayers's 3-step theory of creativity to analyze the self-described creation process of contemporary storyteller Jay O'Callahan. Sayers wrote that Idea, Energy, and Power are foundational elements of the creative process. Idea is the invisible image that provides vision and unity throughout a project. The Energy is the working out of art into a medium. The Power is the connective force that binds artist to art and both to audience. (Sayers, 1987). This hermeneutical study develops subcategories within each of those 3 primary elements of creativity, then uses qualitative methods to explore connectivity to the creation process of O'Callahan. It was concluded that a high levels of correlation can be drawn between the Idea, Energy, Power model and O'Callahan's methods of story construction and delivery.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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