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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)


Digital Media

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Cheryl Cornett

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Jacy Richardson, Sarit Somasa


The first edition of a series holds value. It is a bookmark that holds a place in time that the artist can look back to and see the progress that led up to that point, as well as the continued progress that's been made after. Designing and creating a set of characters, bringing the main character through 3D modeling, and printing it has multiple uses in the industry. The techniques learned through this process have been used in toy design, stop-motion animation, museums, and medical applications. 3D printing is advancing and providing an opportunity to create high-definition models that can be reproduced quickly while maintaining their initial integrity. This paper will go through the model's design concept and how to execute it. It is also a culmination of all the traditional skills acquired from a fine art background combined with all the new skills learned in the digital media field.

This project aims to create a cohesive set of 2D character concepts centered around the story By Command of the Prince Daniel (Nikolaevich, 1915). The main antagonist, Baba Yaga, was then brought through the 3D modeling process so she could be resin printed and turned into a collectible figurine. Descriptive character traits from her stories were reimagined while providing a unique approach to the design that still preserves the story's essence.

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