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BBT-Side Mold Assembly

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This electronic document file set covers the design and fabrication information of the ETSU Guitar Building Project’s BBT (OM-sized) Side Mold Assy for use with the STEM Guitar Project’s standard acoustic guitar kit. The extended 'as built' data set contains an overview file and companion video, the 'parent' CADD drawing, CADD data for laser etching and cutting a drill &/or layout template, CADD drawings in AutoCAD .DWG and .DXF R12 formats of the centerline tool paths for creating the mold assembly pieces on an AXYZ CNC router, and support documentation for CAM applications including router bit specifications, feeds, speed, multi-pass data, and layer names (formatted for AXYZ's ToolPath CAM software).

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Overview_CADD_Data_Set-BBT_Side_Mold_Assy-M02D-RC02-2022Jun07.mp4 (49573 kB)
Companion video to Overview Presentation

BBT_Mold-M02D-RC02-32_x_16-2022Jun07.dwg (206 kB)
Parent CADD file BBT Side Mold Assy M02D-RC02

Laser-Template-BBT_Mold-M02D-RC02-32_x_16-2022Jun07.dwg (82 kB)
CADD DWG-formatted Laser Drill & Layout Template

Laser-Template-BBT_Mold-M02D-RC02-32_x_16-2022Jun07.dxf (176 kB)
CADD DXF R12-formatted Laser Drill & Layout Template

CNC-CL_Toolpaths-BBT_Mold-M02D-RC02-All.dwg (82 kB)
CADD DWG-formatted CNC Centerline Toolpaths

CNC-CL_Toolpaths-BBT_Mold-M02D-RC02-All.dxf (88 kB)
CADD DXF R12-formatted CNC Centerline Toolpaths

BBTM2D21.dxf (50 kB)
CADD DXF R12-formatted CNC AXYZ Run 1st

BBTM2D22.dxf (44 kB)
CADD DXF R12-formatted CNC AXYZ Run 2nd

BBT_Side_Mold_Assy-M02D_RC02-32_x_16-2022Jun07.xls (50 kB)
Excel Spreadsheet CNC AXYZ ToolPath CAM Setup

BBT_Side_Mold_Assy-M02D_RC02-32_x_16-2022Jun07.xls (50 kB)
PDF Spreadsheet CNC AXYZ ToolPath CAM Setup

Bill_of_Materials-BBT_Side_Mold_Assy-M02D-NoRev.pdf (226 kB)
PDF Bill of Materials – BBT Side Mold Assy M02D RC02