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Emily Wilson and Jake Lawson

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AQ Hanna [dream journal]; AQ Hanna [diario de sueños]; AQ Hanna [in the car, alone], AQ Hanna [June]; AQ Hannah [July]; Cade Campbell [Young Love]; Cade Campbell [Amor Juvenil]; Hannah Smith [Anesthetic Love Song]; Hannah Smith [Canción de Amor Anestesiada]; Claire Webb [i'm sorry all you bath lovers]; Claire Webb [Moonwalker]; Claire Webb [Serenity]; Claire Webb [I wasn't There the Night He Died]; Elizabeth Carpenter [Constellations]; Elizabeth Carpenter [On This Farm]; Elizabeth Carpenter [In Their Narrative]; Rachel Kincaid [Morning Glories]; Ben Bilderback [Edward Hopper's Nighthawks]; L.C. Francis [Diary of a Trans Girl]; L.R. Tipton [Thank You]; L.R. Tipton [I Miss You]; Abigail Wolfenbarger [Fluoxetine (20mg)]; Raven Rhue [Framed]; Raven Rhue [Bath]; Raven Rhue [The Need for Brevity]; Emma Sheedlo [in November I burn monsters]; Emma Sheedlo [Roadside Cycles]; Emma Sheedlo [an open letter to my black pumps (and the girl who wore them)]; Hayden Cogdell [Caustic]; Hayden Cogdell [Chlorine]; Hayden Cogdell [From the Tunnel, I Heard Death]; Hayden Cogdell [Hum]; Hayden Cogdell [The Rite of Rot]; Percy Smalygo [honeysuckle leaves caught between your teeth]; Percy Smalygo [american reckoning]; Percy Smalygo [perseus]; Percy Smalygo [you're doing fine]; Eleanor Flory [char.lady]; Liam McCroskey-Shope [Flowers]; Liam McCroskey-Shope [The Old, The True]; Liam McCroskey-Shope [My Home in Seymour]; Alexis Calain [Condemned be the Fruit]; Alexis Calain [Roe to Rights]; Alexander Brown [God Bless Appalachian Modernization]; Alexander Brown [Kick of Love]; Sierra Arguello [Hallowed Be Thy Kingdom]; Sierra Arguello [Unfinished Set]; Sierra Arguello [Where Ends Meet]; Sierra Arguello [Why I Don't Let Go]; Abby Clement [History]; Abby Clement [Home]; ACE [Who Am I?]; Kelsey Ann Guy [HATE: HATE]; Kelsey Ann Guy [Reality Check]; Kelsey Ann Guy [I Know My Ending]; Remy Indigo [Glass Houses]; Camille Hagelberg [I only have one plastic hairtie, so I have to do this when it snaps]; Camille Hagelberg [I]; Camille Hagelberg [overlapping folds]; Camille Hagelberg [october euphoria clouds]; Eleanor Weedman [I Am]; Eleanor Weedman [Radio]; Eleanor Weedman [Sunday]; Eleanor Weedman [Asphalt]; Elias Murphy [Ineffable Love]; Elias Murphy [Micheal Knowles]; Madeline Rodenberg [My Mother is a Fish]; Madeline Rodenberg [Rosemary's Baby]; Dominique Snedeker [Primal Instincts of Childbirth]; Dominique Snedeker [Seasonal Delirium]; Dominique Snedeker [Time Plays Tricks]; Haleigh Almbarak [Self Portrait 3]; Haleigh Almbarak [Supermarket Waltz]; Haleigh Almbarak [We Call This Girlhood]; Cal Blagg [Near Yet Far]; Cal Blagg [QPR], Cal Blagg [The North Calls]; Iris Caldwell [Sunny Summer Afternoon]; Iris Caldwell [Twilight Zone]; Iris Caldwell [Twilight Zone]; Iris Caldwell [When Losing a Friend]; Oliver Gragg [the cat and the finch]; Keeley Michael Cook [The Necessity of Coincidence]; Laken Greene [The Schoolgirl Revelation]; Laken Greene [Your Alzheimer's]; Laken Greene [Youthful Skin]; Morgan Fellers [Uriah’s Reprisal]; Elliot Lucey [Vampling]; Amanda Demirović [Fragments of Home]; Rebekah Autumn Gobble Standbridge [Tree Bark]; Laree McMurray [Conversation Piece]; Ava Martin [Golden Eagle]; Elizabeth Rowe [Home]; Callie Honaker [Eyes on Me]; Kathryn Ford [Aphrodite's Fountain]; Nathan Lanning [No Color]; Goreti Lopez [Transformation]; Donald Miller [Making Peace with the Past]; Nathan Wurmser [Creation]; Carson Haley [Requiem]; Rebecca Cox [Model Audi R8]; Morgan Bakaletz [There's Yearnin' in the River]; Blake San [Curio]; Suzi Peter [Going Insane Under Carnival Lights at the Tennessee Valley Fair]; Elisabeth Denis [Smoke]; Nicholas Artrip [Interlude in Numbers]; Elias Murphy [How to be a Man]; Briana Presley [Uncanny]; Quinn Daniels [FWD: ENGL 2120 002 — Messed Up, May Not Make It To Class]; Abby Clement [Dust Bunnies]; Elias Murphy [Sisyphus’ Notice]; Claire Webb [Lady]; Claire Webb [Birria Tacos]; Colby Lee Dugger [Little Lord Hellbender]; Claire Webb [The Lighter]; Claire Webb [When the Rain Comes Down on Leitchfield Road]; Raven Rhue [Where Words Fail]; Adeline Rosebush [Wraith of the Grave]; Gabriel Tabor [Of Gorro, Protector of Lorhèa]; Polaris Storm [The Deer of Nightshade]; Anonymous [The Chipped Beak of Birds]; Emma Sheedlo [The Goddess of Magnolia Valley]; Judges’ Biographies

The Mockingbird