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Jacob Vines

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Blaine Boles [My Father]; Kevin Brown [Heterophemize (from A Lexicon of Lost Words], Latibulate (from A Lexicon of Lost Words]]; Dayna Bruell [Black and Blue]; Danielle Byington [About a Cheerleader I Used to Know, The Shining, Thunder and Nursery Rhymes, On The Lady and the Unicorn]; Raleigh Cody [Broken Handle, Digging Trench in Unicoi, TN]; Rima Day [Untitled]; V. Kelsey Ellis [Doomed Beauty]; Tucker Foster [Excerpts from “Driving Like an Idiot”]; Lauren Fowler [The Cut]; Trish Gibson [On Jack and the Dead Old Lady in the Bathtub from Brantner: Annalee 16, Taylor 24, Mariah 18, Catlett: Anna 16, Jackson 12]; Matthew L. Gilbert [Counting Thunder on Edgewater Drive, After a Summer Rain, The Makeup Box ]; Lyn Govette [Meditations on a Storm]; Kathryn Haaland [Untitled (Ring]]; Michael Hale [Three Wise Men, Atrocities]; Hannah Harper [Jill]; Cory Howell [Hospital Meadows, Drive after Rain]; Becca Irvin [Tapered]; Megan King [Katrina]; Freddie Lyle [Contraption]; Emily Matney [Balance]; Beth Miller [Autumn Road, Interview with Kevin Brown]; Priyanka Modi [Tenfold’s Light Hide]; Daniel Isaac Ratliff [Walking the Right Way: Coming to Terms with My Pentecostal Holiness Upbringing]; Tyler Ridgeway [Time Capsules and With & Without]; Kelsey A. Solomon [My first cup of coffee, After Reading Hélène Cixous on a Windy October Evening, the Female Poet Writes for Herself]; Dana T. Speight [The Sunflower Room];Mary Emily Vatt [Chopin Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2]; Susan Voorhees [Rise and Fall]; Chantel Wehr [Speak with Me (The Seeds)]

The Mockingbird