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Roger Stanley

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Nicki Allison [Anguish]; Donna Barnes [Momma's Robe; It covers the head]; Mike Bradley [The Map of El Salvador; Mannequins]; Angel Y. Bryant [Identity]; Sonia Kathryn Burger [Saxy Incline; In My Eyes]; Lee Dean [Leave a Message; Do Not Remove.]; Angela N. Eades [bliss]; Abby Eblen [Past Times]; Melinda Elliot [Food for Thought]; Vikki Ganger [The Tale in Search of a Teller]; Shannon Harrison [Old Portrait.Now on Yellowed Paper]; Kristie D. Huffman [Shop]; Beth Kopp [In The Maelstrom of Academia]; Alan LaBudde ["O"]; Gina Lijoi [Monogram; Ski Haus]; Nell McGrady [Painting in First Person; Matrices]; John Thomas Oaks [The Only House on the Road; They Call It A Cat]; Janet Leigh Robinson [Photographs of Nudes; Laura]; Christine Russell [The Fearful Ones; Sundance]; Nancy Schaefer Boyer [Sentries; Gravel Road and Approaching Storm]; Steve Simmerman [The Four Humors]; Pamela S. Smith [A Full House of Imagination]; John L. Tolbert, Jr [Bitter Peace]; Ted M. Tubbs [Display Window; Window; Marker]; Anthony Warren Feathers [The Writer's Nightmare #6]; Rodney Webb [Banner Elk, N C. 1986]; C. Paul Winebarger [Inside the Bunny Suit]; Kathy Jo Yates [Indian Eyes]; Jennifer Jessee [Interplay IV]

The Mockingbird