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Tami Penley and Kevin Martens

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Elizabeth Abbott [Capitalism; Childhood; Untitled Poem]; Kim Barker [Crumbling Myth]; Tamara Baxter [Pennies Kill the Fishes]; Theresa Bellamy [Cotton Teez]; Tyler Bishop [Dune]; David Blatchley [Fishing Lies]; Maria Bledsoe [Gentility of Steel; The Coming of the Need]; Julie Branham [Carpe Noctem; Nightmares]; Sabrina Chambers [A Walk Through the Attic]; Brian Thomas Chisom [The Universal Appalachian Poet]; Ben Dowdy [Gulf War Sketchbook #4]; Katherine Gibson [Untitled Graphic]; Eileen Glaven [Whimsy: Water in Wood]; Bill Hightower [Winter Walk]; Adam Johnson [A Wisconsin Memory]; Christine Keys [Music Man]; Tommas Koehler [Hell; The Gargoyle]; Katherine Kopp [2020]; W. E. Layne [Duke '91]; Sarah Maulden [Meditation Upon Autumn; (and it’s) spring; In honor of,]; Tom M. McKnight [Things Stand Just the Way They Were]; Charles F. Moore [The Horses Simply Went Home]; Bryant Owens [Redneck; George Bush Trucking]; Tim Perry [Man; Nude]; Christiana Popper [Flight's Mystery; Worship]; Douglas A. Powell [Library/Cairn]; John T. Rhea [Fall of the House of Russia; Tribute to Gene]; Charlotte Roberts [Untitled Drawing]; Penny L. Strozier [Santa Fe, New Mexico; Erwin, TN]; Tommy Warden [In a Wizard’s Eye]; Winn Ann Weesner [Write Your Own]

The Mockingbird