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Rick A. Davies

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Howard Agriesti [Two Photographs]; Theodore Aguirre [Two Photographs]; Paula Anderson [Two Photographs]; Rebecca Bates [Print]; Tony Clark [Copperhead Country; This Side of Baker Street]; Jerry L. Collins [Drawing]; G. Leah Combs [Appalachian Mutations]; Amy Green [Drawing; Print]; John Hart [natural frequency]; Fern Hilton [Carousel; The Hunt]; Ned Irwin [The Old-Town]; Gary Johnson [Turtle Crossing]; Brian Knave [Wrecking Cars and Friendship; The Early Bird Stays In Bed]; Tommye McClure [Drawing]; Helen Hunt Mills [Thoughts of a Man On a Kidney Machine Reading A Civil War Newspaper Ad for Chamber Lye]; Chip Moffatt [Somehow I Felt Like ... It Was Supposed To Be]; Kent Monroe, Jr [Indian Headlight]; Sherri Nealy [Drawing; Photograph]; Lee Nutting [Two Photographs]; Rodney O'Dell [Print]; Raven Parris [Reunion]; Rita S. Quillen [Nexus: Past and Present]; Doug Renfro [Two Drawings]; R. T. Sanders [Drawing]; Barbara Sevier [Print]; Thomas Shelton [rome]; Jack Smith [Print]; Bonny Stanley [Sin; In the Mission Fields]; Ruth Waller [Firefly; Ohio Acre]; Charles Warden [Two Photographs]

The Mockingbird