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Karin Bartoszuk


Janit Leonard

Design & Photography

Emily Redd

Publication Date

Spring 4-1-2024






From the Graduate School; Connecting Cultures and Overcoming Adversity through Art: One Artist’s Perspective, [Akintayo Akintobe, Studio Art, MFA]; Where Are They Now? [Featuring Emily Lu]; Bridging the Gap in Patient Self-Care: The Lived Experiences of Young Adults with Type 2 Diabetes, [Holly Berry-Price, Nursing, PhD]; Where Are They Now? [Featuring Oluwafisayo Ogundoro]; Examining the Causes of COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Among People Living with HIV, [Charles Olomofe, Public Health, DrPH]; Where Are They Now? [Featuring Julianna Cole]; Uncovering East Tennessee’s History through a Material Lens, [Slade Nakoff, History, MA]; Where Are They Going? [Featuring Tess Ann Simpson]; Filling the Gaps: Understanding the Level of Knowledge and Awareness about Radon Among Health Council Participants in Northeast Tennessee, [Kawther Al Ksir, Public Health, DrPH]; Where Are They Going? [Featuring Elayna Chavis]; Expression through Semiotics: How Symbols Portrayed in Mass Media Can Reflect a Personal Narrative, [Delaney Rogers, Studio Art, MFA]; Where Are They Now? [Featuring Andy Berry]; When the Water Goes Down, [Patrick Cooley, Appalachian Studies, MA, and Jacob Higgs, MS, Brand and Media Strategy]; Where Are They Going? [Featuring Cristobal Razo]; Provider Perceptions of the Homelessness Epidemic in Tennessee, [Opal Frye-Clark, Public Health, DrPH]; Where Are They Now? [Featuring Bright Kwaku Manu]; Where Are They Now? [Featuring Olusegun Olatunji]; Where Are They Now? [Featuring Gregory Odey]

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