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Karin Bartoszuk


Marten Baur

Design & Photography

Emily Redd

Publication Date

Fall 10-1-2022






From The Graduate School; Smoothing out the “Wrinkles” in Plant Oil Biosynthesis: How Gene Expression of Wrinkled2 can Increase Production and Improve Health Qualities of Plant-Derived Oils, [Jyoti Behera, PhD, Biomedical Sciences]; Where are They Now? [Featuring: Andrew Demczuk]; Club vs. Country: Are Portuguese American Soccer Fans More Loyal to their Club Team or their National Team?, [David Antunes, EdD, Global Sports Leadership]; Where are They Now? [Featuring: Monique Richard]; Eavesdropping on Plant Communication: Tracking the Movement of Phytosulfokines Stress Signals in Plants, [Bernard Abakah, MS, Chemistry]; Where are They Now? [Featuring: Paul Archie]; Assessing the State of Substance Use Treatment among Youth and Adults in the United States, [Esther Adeniran, DrPH, Public Health]; Where are They Now? [Featuring: Lindsay Hagar]; Susannah and Cold Mountain: Examining the Portrayal of Appalachian Culture in Opera, [Savannah Bennett, MA, Appalachian Studies]; Where are They Now? [Featuring: Melody Edmonds]; How Professional Storytellers Adapted Their Performances During the COVID-19 Pandemic, [Leticia Pizzino, MA, Communication and Storytelling Studies]; Where are They Now? [Featuring: Sharon Bigger]; Where are They Now? [Featuring: Willie Thomas]; Where are They Now? [Featuring: Zachary Miller]; Conserving the Biodiversity of Plant Life in Doe Mountain Recreation Area, Johnson County, Tennessee, [Benjamin “Adam” McCoullough, MS, Biology]; Where are They Now? [Featuring: Lauren Lyon]; Where are They Now? [Featuring: Brittany Sparks]; Where are They Now? [Featuring: Joseph Kusi]; Where are They Now? [Featuring: Sundeep Venkatesan]

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