Walking the Line: Country Music Lyricists and American Culture


Walking the Line: Country Music Lyricists and American Culture


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Introduction: "Walking the line" : the Dixie Chicks and the making of country lyricists / Thomas Alan Holmes and Roxanne Harde --
"Nobody Knows but Me" : Jimmie Rodgers and the body politic / Taylor Hagood --
Cindy Walker, Lyle Lovett, and the West / Thomas Alan Holmes --
"Help your brother along the road" : Hank Williams and the humane tradition / Steve Goodson --
JC : Johnny Cash and faith / Thomas Alan Holmes --
Religious doctrine in the mid-1970s to 1980s country music concept albums of Willie Nelson / Blase S. Scarnati --
Grace to catch a falling soul : country, gospel, and evangelical populism in the music of Dottie Rambo / Douglas Harrison --
Loretta Lynn, Appalachian storyteller and autobiographer / Laura Grace Pattillo --
"Branded" man : Merle Haggard's romance of the outlier / Thomas Alan Holmes --
Townes Van Zandt : " Now here's what this story's told" / Pete Falconer and James Zborowski --
Wildness, eschatology, and enclosure in the songs of Townes Van Zandt / Michael B. MacDonald --
"Where it counts I'm real" : the complexities of Dolly Parton's feminist voice / Samantha Christensen --
"Sin City" : Gram Parsons and the "Christ-haunted South" / Clay Motley --
Weeping willows and long black veils : the country roots of Roseanne Cash, from Scotland to Tennessee / June Skinner Sawyers --
"They draft the white trash first 'round here anyway" : Steve Earle's American boys / Roxanne Harde.