Real Classroom Makeovers: Practical Ideas for Early Childhood Classrooms


Real Classroom Makeovers: Practical Ideas for Early Childhood Classrooms


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1. The environment matters: design elements to consider : Beauty in everyday environments ; The impact of light ; Sounds make a difference ; A place for everything, everything in its place ; A secure and supportive environment ; Valuing diversity in the classroom ; Setting up appropriate learning environments -- 2. The process of planning for successful change : Creating the vision ; Developing a plan ; Introducing a new feature -- 3. Low-cost, big-impact changes : Decluttering ; Small changes ; Teacher's space -- 4. Building a sense of community in the classroom : Creating a welcoming and inviting entrance ; Developing a sense of place ; Valuing each member of the community ; Having effective group time ; Learning about and practicing responsibility ; Identifying personal spaces for children ; Providing choices for individual work ; Working in small groups -- 5. Real classroom makeovers : The importance of play ; Real classroom makeovers support children's play ; Literacy centers/areas ; Manipulatives/building ; Math and science ; Art and music ; Dramatic play ; Community meeting ; Nurturing environment -- 6. Early learning standards and the classroom environment : Early learning standards ; The unique needs of children ; Adapting the environment to all learners -- 7. The amazing (and real) classroom makeover adventure : The adventure ; Description of the classroom ; Developing a vision with an initial teacher interview ; The change process ; The first element of design considered ; The next element of design considered ; Teacher interview and reflection on the learning environment ; Art ; Books ; Blocks ; Gathering place ; Home living ; Science ; Writing ; Summary ; Teacher comments after the makeover -- Classroom evaluation checklist.