Theory and Practice of Family Therapy and Counseling


Theory and Practice of Family Therapy and Counseling


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Ch. 1. Introduction and overview -- Ch. 2. The genograms of family therapy -- Ch. 3. The family practitioner as person and professional -- Ch. 4. Virtue, ethics, and legality in family practice -- Ch. 5. Theories and techniques of family therapy and counseling -- Ch. 6. Adlerian family therapy -- Ch. 7. Multigenerational family therapy -- Ch. 8. Human validation process model -- Ch. 9. Symbolic-experiential family therapy -- Ch. 10. Structural family therapy -- Ch. 11. Strategic family therapy -- Ch. 12. Solution-focused and solution-oriented therapy -- Ch. 13. Postmodernism, social construction, and narratives in family therapy -- Ch. 14. Feminist family therapy -- Ch. 15. Cognitive-behavioral family therapy -- Ch. 16. Parenting for the 21st century -- Ch. 17. Integration I: from self-discovery to family practice: forming a relationship and family assessment -- Ch. 18. Integration II: shared meaning, facilitating change, and tailoring interventions.

Theory and practice of family counseling and therapy, 2nd Edition embraces multiple perspectives and provides a comprehensive discussion of contemporary family theories and practices, including human validation process and symbolic-experiential models. Bitter encourages students' personal growth and development as family therapists with a warm, inviting writing style and numerous self-reflection and active-learning exercises. Learning is enhanced through a consistent chapter organization and the use of a single case, the Quest family, throughout. This approach enables students to compare and contrast the various models and see how different approaches can be used in an integrated way. The text presents a four-stage process for conducting family sessions, including processes for forming relationships, family assessment, hypothesizing and shared meaning, and facilitating change. Each chapter ends with a Quest family case (which applies the model discussed in the chapter to the fictional Quest family), a summary and multicultural evaluation section, exercises for personal and professional growth, contact and Web information for finding out more about the specific therapy, recommended supplementary readings, and references. Additional cases throughout the text, based on Bitter's years of practice in marriage and family counseling, help students see how theories play out in the real world. A unique chapter on "Parenting for the 21st Century" addresses the fact that a majority of family counseling deals with parenting questions and issues.

Theory and Practice of Family Therapy and Counseling