Ray Hicks and other Beech Mountain Folks


Ray Hicks and other Beech Mountain Folks


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Thomas Burton, Jack Schrader, and Ambrose Manning of East Tennessee State University began documenting the Appalachian region in the 1960s. Together they came to know many mountain people now recognized as Appalachian Masters. In this DVD we are introduced to Ray Hicks along with his family and friends from Beech Mountain, North Carolina. Thomas Burton serves as our guide. Included are two Burton/Schrader films in their entirety: A film about Ray Hicks and another about Buna Presnell Hicks and Bertha Hubbard Baird, along with video excerpts of Stanley Hicks and Hattie Presnell recorded by Burton and Manning. Please be aware that the film quality of the remastered excerpts reminds us of a time before the digital age.

Ray Hicks and other Beech Mountain Folks