The Revival of Banned Dances: A Worldwide Study


The Revival of Banned Dances: A Worldwide Study


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Rekindling the flame: the revival of the sadir katcheri (bharata natyam) -- "It is a strict law that bids us dance": the Kwakiutl Hamatsa dance -- Poetry in motion: the hula -- We are all on this earth together: the Plains Indians sun dance -- The churning of the oceans: the survival of the Khmer classical dance ofCambodia -- Of two worlds: the whirling dervishes of Kenya -- A better way of life: the ghost dance of the Plains Indians -- "The only people can shout is right here": the unbroken chain of the ring-shout dance -- Visca sardana!: the astronomical dance of Catalonia -- Capoeiristas: righteous avengers -- The raqs sharqi (belly dance) faces trouble -- Bringing in the May -- All's well that ends well: the English Morris dance -- Feet on fire: Irish dance at the crossroads -- Sacred, yet profane: the Afro-Brazilian batuque and samba -- It takes two to tango!

"This work provides an exploration of dances banned around the world. The sixteen case studies reveal the meaning of the dance to each culture and the importance of the art form to the creation of healthy sociological and political climates. Chapters detail each dance's origins, technical steps and movements, costumes, music, and political history."

The Revival of Banned Dances: A Worldwide Study