Always Willing, Always Able: Living Beyond Your Means


Always Willing, Always Able: Living Beyond Your Means


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In Always Willing, Always Able - Living Beyond Your Means, the author offers sensible biblical principles and guidelines for living victoriously. While traipsing through the pages of this book you will find yourself laughing, crying, and even stopping to ponder over some thought-provoking topics. These pivotal keys coupled with inspiring accounts of her own life are for common people who desire a healthy, fulfilling life in spite of circumstances that crop up in the fields of everyday life. You will meet God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, providing an opportunity to begin your own journey towards understanding each one and truly valuing their existence as you never thought possible. The book was written not because the author believes she has all of the answers; quite the opposite is true. It was written because she had so many questions in her early Christian walk. Questions like how can we possibly live a victorious life while planted in the middle of a chaotic world, and can we really possess the ability to relate to a spiritual being who is larger than life, and even more confusing, a being that cannot be seen with the physical eye? Can this being seriously provide everything that we actually need to survive in a world so full of uncertainty? Through outcomes of various circumstances in life, and woven through each venture, is proof of God’s existence at every twist and turn, even before she had a God thought. Join the author as she walks through some strikingly provocative circumstances not only specific to her own life, but similar conditions readers may have found themselves in the midst of at some point in their own lives. The author shares how it isn’t necessary to be a scholar in order to understand the Bible and its inherent principles. Required only is a genuine will, steadfast desire, great passion, and a heart to understand the truth of the Word. It’s possible to glean pertinent revelation from this amazing book that can and will deliver you from whatever circumstance you view as bigger than life. This book is not for the faint at heart, or those unwilling to change, but written purposely for those who are earnestly seeking something different.

Always Willing, Always Able: Living Beyond Your Means