Contributions to Adlerian Psychology


Contributions to Adlerian Psychology


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Reflections on the ideas of Adlerian masters. An interview with Heinz Ansbacher / J.R. Bitter and J. West -- On neurosis / J.R. Bitter -- Dreikurs' holistic medicine / C. Nappier Carr and J.R. Bitter -- An interview with Harold Mosak / J.R. Bitter -- Adlerian brief therapy with individuals. Adlerian brief therapy with individuals / J.R. Bitter and W.G. Nicoll -- Relational strategies / J. Bitter and W.G. Nicoll -- Adlerian group counseling. Adlerian group counseling / M.A. Sonstegard and J.R. Bitter -- Counseling children in groups / M.A. Sonstegard and J.R. Bitter --Adlerian couples and family counseling and therapy. Family mapping and family constellations / J.R. Bitter -- Communication styles, personality priorities, and social interest / J. Bitter -- Conscious motivations / J.R. Bitter -- The mistake notions of adults with children / J.R. Bitter -- Two approaches to counseling parents alone / J.R. Bitter -- Human conversations / J.R. Bitter and R. Byrd -- A Study on early recollectons. Early recollections vesus created memory / S.B. Barker and J.R. Bitter -- An Adlerian-feminist approach to therapy. Reclaiming a pro-feminist orientation in Adlerian therapy / J.R. Bitter et al. -- Reconsidering narcissism / J.R. Bitter -- Adlerian therapy and social construction. Integrating narrative therapy with Adlerian lifestyle assessment / J.G. Disque and J.R. Bitter -- Emotion, experience, and early recollections / J.G. Disque and J.R. Bitter -- Final thoughts. Am I an Adlerian? / J.R. Bitter.

Contributions to Adlerian Psychology