A Century of Heritage Guitar Music


A Century of Heritage Guitar Music


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Album Notes For those who love the traditional music of Southwest Virginia, especially the many folks who make it, listening to these recordings will likely be a deeply emotional experience. Embedded within these recordings are cherished memories that connect people to the first time they ever heard a certain artist, or the first song they themselves ever learned on guitar. A Century of Heritage Guitar Music represents a shared experience of the people of The Crooked Road region - an experience that connects families and communities with their unique place and culture. Like The Crooked Road itself, this compilation is about music that is rooted in a particular place - a music that is perpetuated for the most part by barbers, farmers, luthiers, cabinet makers, and other folks who delight in the music-making at day's end. How remarkable that their music, made mostly for sharing with their friends and community, has had such a profound impact around the world. The Crooked Road is truly grateful for the opportunity to share the contributions of these amazing artists through this compilation.

A Century of Heritage Guitar Music