Michael and the War in Heaven


Michael and the War in Heaven


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"... a highly allusive narrative revolving around Michael in the victory over his recreant friend and rival, Lucifer. Physically, mentally, ethically, Michael exemplifies the traditional qualities of the hero and the values of Western culture. Figuratively, he represents good in the universal struggle with evil. Allegorically, through the Creative Spirit (epitomized by Gabrielle), he focuses on reality in opposition to appearances, prevails over despair, and attains spiritual realization. Allusive classical, Miltonic, Shakespearean, and other literary figures complement the three main characters in this essentially human, spiritual, nonreligious gest. Besides all that, Michael's story is a good one in the telling. A literary guide is included as a complement to the text for individuals, classes, and other groups who wish to pursue the analytical items provided." --Amazon

Michael and the War in Heaven