Bark Like a Dog!: Outrageous Ideas for Actors


Bark Like a Dog!: Outrageous Ideas for Actors


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This book, a short and easy read with common sense coaching and easy to follow exercises, takes beginning acting students through techniques and improvisations that will help them overcome perhaps their greatest fear: making “The Big Choice.” Using sound examples from classical as well as contemporary plays, Herb Parker makes it easier for the theatrical neophyte by making the case that a play is “about human beings caught in an outrageous situation, caused by love.”

“Actor, director, teacher Herb Parker has given us a splendid new book about acting. He analyzes this ancient art in clear, precise, engaging prose while dispensing acute, methodical and perceptive advice. Brilliant actor that he is, Herb understands the craft, the exceptional director gently leads the actor toward a fully realized performance and the thoughtful, caring teacher explains it all to the reader (student). This is the book of acting you need and one you will cherish.”

Bark Like a Dog!: Outrageous Ideas for Actors