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Few studies have explored the relative strength of ecogeographic versus lineage-specific effects on a global scale, particularly for poikilotherms, those organisms whose internal temperature varies with their environment. Here, we compile a global dataset of life history traits in Daphnia, at the species-and population-level, and use those data to parse the relative influences of lineage-specific effects and climate. We also compare the thermal response (plasticity) of life history traits and their dependence on climate, temperature, precipitation, and latitude. We found that the mode of evolution for life history traits varies but that the thermal response of life history traits most often follows a random walk model of evolution. We conclude that life history trait evolution in Daphnia is not strongly species-specific but is ecogeographically distinct, suggesting that life history evolution should be understood at the population level for Daphnia and possibly for other poikilotherms.

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