The Journey from Drug Addiction to Drug Withdrawal

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The purpose of this study was to describe 30 people’s testimonies of their journeys from drug addiction to drug withdrawal in Taiwan. World Drug Report estimates the number of opioid users at 53 million, up 56 % from previous estimates, and that opioids are responsible for two thirds of the 585,000 people who died as a result of drug use in 2017.


This was a qualitative research design. The sample inclusion criteria: 1. Participants had drug abused experiences. 2. Participants received Christian Gospel Drug Withdraw Program. 3. Participants did their testimonies in the Good TV True Blog. There were 30 participants’ testimonies related to their drug withdrawn by gospel interventions during 2012-2020. These stories were posted on the Good TV channel in Chinese language in Taiwan that were written down by the author and translated from Chinese to English. The main themes were generated in this study.


There were 24 male (80%) and 6 Female (20%) in this study. The mean age was 50.93 (SD = 10.47) (Range = 26-65). The major themes were (1) Using illegal drugs: Lack of knowledge and temptations (2) Drug addiction: An endless pain circle (3) Turning points: Love and Hope (4) Drug withdraw: Overcome the Temptations and Holy Spirit (5) Outcome: Faith and New Life. These 30 participants drug withdrew successfully, became Christians and started their new lives as well as helped other people quit drug and any other addiction.


These are powerful testimonies to support that the gospel drug withdrawal programs and church activities are effective to help people drug withdrawal. These programs can be used in the Mental Health Nursing professions. Early education related to the negative impact of illegal drugs in the school is very important to prevent people’s drug addiction.


Taipei, Taiwan (Virtual)

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