Book Review of A Mountaineer in Motion: The Memoir of Dr. Abraham Jobe, 1817-1906

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Book and Media Review

Publication Date

Winter 1-1-2011


Review of: Jobe, A., & Hsiung, D. C. (2009). A Mountaineer in motion: The memoir of dr. Abraham Jobe, 1817-1906. University of Tennessee Press. (ISBN: 1572334894)

Excerpt: The United States underwent profound change during the 19th century. Political parties came and went; a growing national market economy incorporated most of the nation by century's end; the Civil War destroyed Southern slavery and redefined citizenship; and industrialization consumed much of the nation's natural wealth. Born in 1817, Abraham Jobe lived these transformations. A native East Tennessean, Jobe's memoir captures his place within a nation in flux. [...]