Supporting Evidence-Based Practices: What Implementation Activities are Needed When for Success

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This View From the Field column is the third in a series describing the important contributions of the field of implementation science in supporting educators in implementing evidence-based practices (EBPs; Kittelman et al., 2020, 2021). In the previous columns, we highlighted the importance of selecting EBPs and establishing school implementation teams to provide support to students, and support to educators, in implementing EBPs. For this column, we focus on another component of the Active Implementation Frameworks (Metz & Bartley, 2012) by describing the actions and activities needed to move EBPs through different stages of implementation. In doing this, we highlight the important work of researchers and practitioners from the National Technical Assistance Center on the State Implementation and Scaling-Up of Evidence-Based Practices ([SISEP]; within the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN;