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Starting this semester, Charles C. Sherrod Library at East Tennessee State University (ETSU) began shifting our SelectedWorks service model from an opt-in (we create profiles for faculty who send us their CV) process to a quicker and easier opt-out (we create profiles for all faculty) model. Our lightning talk will provide an overview of this opt-out model and how we laid the groundwork for its success. We started by engendering support amongst the Deans, Faculty Senate, and University Research Council, detailing the benefits of a university-wide profile service and assuaging any fears or concerns that an opt-out model might generate regarding utility and privacy. We also undertook a substantial harvesting project as part of this project using Digital Common's PubMed and Scopus integration to harvest thousands of ETSU-affiliated records into our repository. We create these "instant profiles" by aggregating publicly assessable information (such as contact information, education, etc.) from available sources such as university departmental pages, LinkedIn, ResearchGate, etc. to complete their "About" information without needing a copy of their CV. We then import all available works into the profile from the aforementioned harvesting project. Once completed, we email the faculty member in question and give them two weeks to accept or decline their profile before going "live." This will greatly expand the reach of our department's service and further integrate our portion of the library into the academic community of the university.